Tammy Kidd Kincaid

Capturing the likeness, mood and essence of a subject has always been a passion for this artist. Line, form, color and texture speak that language and the possibilities are endless and exciting. Tammy's love of the arts began at an early age and drew her to painting and sculpture. After receiving her degree in Art from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, she worked as a graphic artist and continued her commissioned work in portraiture and landscape. Graphic arts led her to a career in marketing and catalog development.

Through the years, Tammy has enjoyed working in a variety of medium including oils, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink and pencil. She has also developed her work in relief sculpture and decorative painting on interiors and fabrics. More recently she has designed a line of hand painted ceramic tile.

At home or abroad, the beauty of magnificent mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, and coast continually fuels her creative spirit. As a native Virginian, the scenic beauty of the south and the charm of its historic places and architecture hold a special place in the heart of this artist. Many of these renderings are part of a continuing collection of her favorite places.

Reece Kincaid

The beauty of God’s creation has always been a source of inspiration for this award-winning artist. Reece enjoys painting, but sculpting is his favorite medium. Though a landscape filled with mountain peaks and a beautiful sunset is a key subject, Reece finds great joy in capturing the lines, nuances and the spirit of a person through portraiture in clay. Reece works with several different types of clay and prefers to finish them with layers of oil wash.

When Reece isn't sculpting, he's climbing trees and not just for the fun of it. As an arborist with his own tree service, he derives great inspiration from the tops of trees (where he has claimed to have touched the sky.) There is great tranquility and splendor when you have a bird's eye view of the world.

Reece and Tammy Kincaid

Kincaid Design Studios features the work of two artists, Reece and Tammy Kincaid. Their work includes portraits, landscape and decorative art in a variety of medium---sculpture, oils, watercolor, pastels, pen and ink, and ceramic tile.

Tammy and Reece share great passion for their life together, their family, and their work in the studio. Also shared is a love of nature, which is always a source of great inspiration for both.

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